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Solid carbide drills

Melin solid carbide drills for all of your high performance drilling needs!
Fractional, letter, wire, and metric sizes available. Immediate availability from our large inventory. Special sizes available on request (See Specials). Coatings for drills are also available.

Straight flute

In addition to spiral drills, SPP supplies drills with straight flutes. These tools have four margins as a supporting feature.The straight flute design significantly adds to the strength of the tool and helps to reduce the distance the chip must travel to escape the bore when compared to helical tools. With a polished flute and a strong design, these styles of tools perform extremely well in abrasive materials. It also allows the drill to be fed aggressively in key material groups,
while maintaining hole straightness and accuracy with the help of four margins as a support feature. The solid carbide version of the drills with straight flutes is specifically designed for use in grey cast iron, aluminium and aluminium alloys together with other non-ferrous metals. Because of its excellent properties, SPP also offers drills with PCD-tipped cutting edges. The PCD-tips are in the center of a solid carbide drill. Drill center and chisel point are protected. Maximum tool life, cutting values for economic production and excellent surface qualities for best machining result from this cutting material.

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Burnishing drills
The burnishing drill has four margins which stabilize it as it is drilling.
The two extra "Burnishing" margins also help to smooth the hole after the "Cutting" margin has cut, giving the hole a better finish than a conventional drill. They also help to make a hole that is consistent from one to another. Because the burnishing margin actually moves material back, it is essential the burnishing drill be first made of carbide, which has the compression strength and then only of the highest quality.
The straight flute construction helps to break up the chip into a smaller, more manageable size.
The rigid construction allows the burnishing drill to drill a straighter and less oversized hole than a conventional twist drill.
Although we do not advertise it, one further benefit of the burnishing drill is extended tool life, many times giving the customer 3-4 times the tool life of conventional carbide twist drills, solid carbide three flute and even sub land drills.
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